Don Paul Visual Art - Bio

Before the advent of digital imaging, Photoshop and computers, Don Paul used his camera to capture the “found reality”. While creating beautiful and colorful images, he realized that his opportunity for creative expression was limited to the capabilities of the darkroom and existing photographic equipment.

As a result, he often felt that something was missing...that there was more to be portrayed than what the camera, the darkroom and other photographic tools would allow.  

With the development of digital cameras, Photoshop, and computers, with each becoming more sophisticated and powerful, and at an increasingly rapid pace, he realized that these tools could be used to expand his creative vision.

After much research, he began studying with John Paul Caponigro...first at the renowned Maine Photographic Workshops and subsequently through his individual workshops. Caponigro is an internationally recognized digital artist, author and educator. He is a member of many photographic organizations including the Photoshop Hall of Fame, the Epson Stylus Pros and the Canon Explorers of Light and his work is included in corporate and individual collections and museums, including the Smithsonian.

His work with Caponigro provided the opportunity to "put all the pieces together".  Developing Photoshop expertise enabled him to take his original photographic images and apply his  newfound digital skills to enhance and often create an entirely different reality.  And his further study with Caponigro of composition, design,  color theory and fine art printing rounded out the tools which allowed him to fully actualize his creativity.

Don explains his process, as follows:

     "After working with John Paul, and through further intense reflection, I realized that I was mentally visualizing what an image might "become" as opposed to what was actually being recorded by my camera.The images I began to capture were based on an intuitive sense that there was something there  for me to discover and reimagine at some later point in time.

I believe that most people woud view my image library and wonder what I was thinking. However, finding perfect composition, color, precise exposure and the many other things that are traditionally considered in making images, becomes immaterial when I have the tools to create a different reality..."

   "I was invited to have a month-long solo exhibition of my work at Florida International University in Miami. The show was titled "Metamorphosis" and was accompanied by a slide show presentation and “lecture” at the Artist’s Reception showing selective original images and the process of transformation to the final result.  It was so well received, I was invited to repeat it."

Don's work is included in individual and corporate collections in the United States and Canada. He has participated in various gallery and juried exhibitions. His image "Washington Ave 9 AM" was awarded an honorable mention (one of the top 150 digital images) out of 35000 submissions from professionals and amateurs from around the world in Adobe's 2002 International Digital Imaging Competition.